Top 5 Reasons People Want to be Food Truckers!

A number of developments and observations inspire my post today. First, the large group of new food trucks entering the marketplace - rumor has it there will be ten new rigs roaming the breweries and special events of the Fort Collins area this spring. (Side note: Get your friends and neighbors out for some street food this year, because the overall market will have to grow for all of us food truckers to eat!) Second, the overwhelming response to our Craigslist advert looking for a Flexi-Help...

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Saying “Thank You”

Bear's Backyard served two catered events yesterday, and I think by describing them I'll get a start on what I'm trying to say to all of those who have supported us this past year.

The Crossing, a church located on the corner of Shields and Horsetooth in Fort Collins ( is approaching it's 5th year in Fort Collins, and has grown to a membership of over 200. Head pastor, Aaron Santini, shepherds alongside a pair of other pastors and a group of unpaid volunteers who...

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The Rise of the “Holiday Party”

Bear's Backyard has booked a few holiday parties during December, and is looking to book a few more. We love being the food provider for events of all kinds, but celebration events are the best - everyone is having a good time, smiles and good cheer carry the day. Among the celebration events, holiday parties and Christmas parties rise to the top - they've got everything the others do, plus often times there is a white elephant gift exchange!

A topic we've pondered of late is the distinct...

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Meatball Sliders for Peace!

The other night we had a dinner party, which doubled as a menu testing for a new menu emphasis for our food truck and catering activities in 2015 - Meatball Sliders! But not just any meatball sliders, we're talking a whole menu board full of flavor options, including some classics, some regional favorites, and a few you've never even heard of! Here's a look at the ones that will definitely make the menu at some time or another next season. I'm looking for even more meatball ideas so bring 'em...

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Why would I hire a mobile food trailer to cater my holiday party?

The real question is, why would you not!?

As a licensed mobile food vendor in Colorado, Bear's Backyard Grill is required to have access to a commercial kitchen.  In our case, we are a co-tenant along with other food trucks and trailers at Sackit's Hot Shot Catering.  These guys are bang-up caterers, and have built a kitchen capable of making a gourmet meal for 500 wedding guests.  They've been kind to the food truck movement, with encouragement from Larimer County Health Department. ...

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